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It can be intimidating when you feed your baby for the first time. How to burp your baby? Well, when a baby belches, it expels gas and feels more comfortable. Most newborn babies who breastfeed at night tend to fall asleep while eating, but still, need to be burped. Therefore, it is important to find the best burp positions that allow your baby to do it correctly, but without waking up. If you create the right environment for a good burp and find the right method for your baby to do it based on their eating and sleeping patterns, you should have no difficulty to achieve it.

 Hold your baby and make him burp

This technique is good for babies who sleep on their stomach or for those who like to snuggle while they sleep.

  • Slowly move your baby next to your body, so you do not wake him up.
  • Gently place your burp cloth over your shoulder.
  • Let your baby's head or cheek rest on your shoulder and hold your back to support it and not slip while you carry it.
  • Place your other hand on his back and pat him gently to help him burp.
  • If your baby has developed control of his head and neck, you can try to hold him at a slight distanceover your shoulder to make him burp. Position your baby's belly close to your shoulder and press it gently using your shoulder. Make sure your baby is still breathing quietly and hold her backside with one hand while placing the other on her back. Continue gently pressing your belly with your shoulder until he belches.


Face-down your baby and make him burp

This method is great if you were already lying next to your baby feeding him. All you need to do is bring him closer and support his head and belly on your lap.

  • Place your baby on your lap, perpendicular to your body.
  • Gently place your burp cloth over your lap.
  • Put your baby's belly on your leg and gently apply pressure to Make sure that your baby's body is at the same height on your legs so that blood does not rise to his head.
  • Tilt your baby's head to one side so he can breathe properly even when lying on his belly.
  • Use your hand to hold his head, placing your thumb and index finger on his jaw or chin, just below her ear. Do not place your hand against his neck or near his throat, since you will not want to suffocate your baby or obstruct his breathing.
  • Wait until your baby burps.


Support your baby against your body to burp

This technique works best for babies who like to sleep on their stomach and for those who have a heavy sleep since it can be difficult to put your baby in position without waking him or her up.

  • First, throw your back slightly back against a chair or sofa at an angle of 130 °. You can also use many pillows on your bed to elevate yourself instead of sitting on a chair or sofa.
  • Gently place your burp cloth over your chest or shoulder.
  • Slowly support your baby against your body. Keep him upside down. His head should be on your chest, and his stomach should be against your stomach.
  • Hold his butt with your hand and place the other on his back to pat him gently.
  • Repeat gently until your baby burps.


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